You have two options for setting up your crypto trading bot:

Option 1: Setting Up Your Bot with 3Commas

Coin Selection: With 3Commas, you can choose the specific coins you want to trade, allowing for a customized trading strategy.

Detailed Reports: Gain access to detailed reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into your trading performance and guiding your decision-making process.


Next, you’ll need to set up a trading bot. For this, create a subscription on 3Commas and set up a Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) bot. Don’t worry, it’s not as complex as it sounds. We provide a detailed setup tutorial to guide you through every step. This bot, once configured, will execute trades based on our advanced machine learning strategies.


Option 2: Setting Up Your Bot Without 3Commas

✅ Easy Setup: Setting up your bot without 3Commas is often simpler and more user-friendly, making it ideal for those seeking a straightforward approach.

No Additional Costs: By opting for this option, you can avoid the additional expenses associated with a 3Commas subscription, potentially saving you money in the long term.


1️⃣Log in to Your OKX Account
Navigate to the OKX website and log in with your credentials. Ensure your account is secure with 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) enabled, as this may be required to create an API key.

2️⃣Access API Management
Once logged in, look for the “Profile” icon in the top right corner and click on it. In the dropdown menu, select “API” to access the API management section.

3️⃣Create a New API Key
In the API management section, click on the “Create API” button. You will be prompted to enter a name for your API key. Choose a name that helps you remember the purpose of the key, such as “TradingBotKey”.

4️⃣Set Passphrase and Permissions
Set a passphrase. This is an additional password for your API. You can choose your own password. Please don’t use your OKX password to increase your security. For the key permissions, you will have options like “View”, “Trade”, and “Withdraw”. Since you need reading and trading permissions, select both “View” and “Trade”. Do not select “Withdraw” to keep your account secure.

5️⃣IP Whitelist
You’ll be asked if you want to bind IP addresses for your API key. This is a security measure that restricts the use of the API key only to the specified IP addresses. Enter the following IP addresses to whitelist:

IP List:,2a02:4780:27:1234::2b,2a02:4780:27:1372:0:2e27:5fce:2

Make sure to enter them correctly to avoid any connectivity issues with your trading bot.

6️⃣Confirm and Create the API Key
After setting the permissions and IP whitelist, you may be required to confirm the creation of the API key through a verification process. This might involve receiving a confirmation code via SMS, email, or 2FA. Once verified, click on “Confirm” or “Create” to finalize the creation of your API key.

7️⃣Insert your API Key to your Helvetic Crypto Profile
Insert your API Information in the next Onboarding-Step

To choose your base order size and the maximum number of positions, use our Trade Setup Calculator. This powerful tool will help you make informed decisions and optimize your trading strategy for the best results. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, the Trade Setup Calculator is a valuable resource to enhance your trading experience and achieve your financial goals. Start using it today to take control of your crypto trading journey.


Enter the amount of capital available for trading and chose your desired Security Level.
Our calculator will show you what your base order size is and how many positions you can trade with that. To vary your base orders use the positions slider.

4 - Low to Medium Security 120 Positions

Security Level Descriptions:

3 - Low Security Level: Security Level 3 will trade with higher risk but make amazing profits. In strong downtrends, you need to deposit more capital to keep the AI-Bot trading.

5 - Medium Security Level: Security Level 5 will trade with medium risk and make good profits. Level 5 will keep your AI-Bot agile even during heavier downtrends.

7 – High Security Level: Security Level 7 will trade with pretty much no risk but only make decent profits. Level 7 will keep your AI-Bot trading no matter what the market does.


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